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4  Fast FAQs
What are A+ credits?
A+ is a credit designation that is aligned with NYCPS educational priorities to promote teachers’ development of skills, knowledge, & methods to meet the needs of the school system and students.
Who needs to take A+ courses?
Fully appointed teachers hired on or after September 1, 2019 teacher hired on or after September 1, 2019 must obtain at least 18 A+ credits in order to earn the salary differential. Fully appointed teacher hired on or after September 1, 20171, 2017 must obtain at least 6 A+ credits.
What are my other options for earning credit towards my salary differential besides A+/P credit?
You can count university courses, CLEP tests, and A+ courses towards the salary differential. Once you've earned the minimum required A+ credits (see "Who needs to take A+ courses?"), you can fulfill the remaining credits for the differential through other approved means. Approved certifications for A+ credit include:
  • Special Education
  • Health
  • Bilingual extension
  • TESOL certificate with additional content area certification
  • Secondary Content Area Additional Certification for Special Education or ESL Certificate holders
  • 18 credits in content areas for SWD generalists seeking a content extension
  • School Building Leader
These courses must meet specific criteria to qualify for the second differential (completed after the Bachelor’s program and not part of the required courses for the Master’s degree used for the first differential) and can only be counted if the certificate has been earned.
For more information about salary differential applications, please contact the Office of Salary Services at 718-935-4000