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P184-10882.1M21 - The Morgan Book Project Summer Institute for Teachers: Illuminating Your Curriculum Through Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Course Details
Course Description: During the Morgan Book Project-Summer Institute for Teachers, participants will examine exceptional primary sources from the Morgan's renowned collection of medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts, explore strategies for teaching book art techniques in the classroom using professional grade and historical art materials, and develop a collaborative, cross-disciplinary, and multimodal unit of study to be implemented in their classroom the upcoming school year. The Summer Institute for Teachers interweaves social studies, language arts, and visual arts. Over the course of this four day intensive professional learning opportunity, pairs of visual arts and classroom teachers will produce manuscript books, which will serve as an inspiration for the books their students will create during the upcoming school year. The Morgan Book Project-Summer Institute has an experiential and inquiry-based pedagogical approach. There will be formative and summative evaluations of the teachers' books. The Summer Institute serves as an impetus for teachers participating in the Morgan Book Project, equipping them with the tools they need to successfully carry out the program in the classroom. Developed in 2009 in collaboration with Dr. Eva Pataki, former Arts Supervisor, Cluster 2, Office of Arts and Special Projects, New York City Department of Education, the Morgan Book Project offers a model for the integration of book arts into the Next Generation ELA Learning Standards, the Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts, and the National Visual Arts Standards, while addressing Charlotte Danielson's Framework for Teaching. The Morgan Book Project reflects the Morgan Library & Museum's commitment to offer its superb collection of medieval and Renaissance illuminated manuscripts as an inspiring resource for students and teachers. The program fosters collaboration amongst visual arts and classroom teachers, as they co-design a curriculum unit in partnership with the museum. The Morgan Book Project serves as a model of effective school-museum collaboration, inspiring attendees to cultivate a greater rapport with museums and cultural institutions.
Status: Cancelled Registration Deadline: 08/08/2021 Start Date: 08/09/2021 End Date: 08/13/2021
Location: 225 Madison Avenue New York , New York, NY, 10016 CTLE Hours: 30 No. of Credits: 2 Categories: Arts
Restricted: No CTLE Area: Pedagogy Grades: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Danielson Components 3d : Using Assessment in Instruction
4e : Growing and Developing Professionally
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Education Partner: The Morgan Library & Museum Contact:
Instructor # 1: Ann Bell Instructor # 2:
ASPDP Fee: $90.00 Education Partner Fee: $0.00 Materials Fee: $0.00 Total Fees: $90.00
ASPDP Payment Instruction: This free program is reserved for 3rd-12th grade teachers from New York City public schools. Participants must apply as a teaching pair. Each pair must include one certified Visual Arts teacher and one certified Social Studies, Language Arts, History or classroom teacher of grades Elementary to High School. Application Process: Online or Posted Application, plus accompanying materials must be submitted by June 11, 2021 Applicants will be selected based on samples of their current or past student work. To apply please do the following: 1. Please visit 2. Submit online application (preferable), or, fill out the general application form by June 11, 2021. 3. Copy photos of at least three samples of your students' art work done this year or within the past three years onto a CD (JPEG format, 5x4 inches, 300 dpi). Do not e-mail photos. We may not be able to open the files. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot mail back any material that is sent to us. 4. Photocopy at least three samples of your students' writing (any topic) done this year or within the past three years. 5. Clearly label every item with the school name and address. If mailing the application form, CD, and photocopies, they must be postmarked by June 11, 2021 to: The Morgan Book Project Attn: Ann Bell, Education Department The Morgan Library and Museum 225 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10016