Don't Miss These!

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  • : 24 Sep 2019

Are you interested in taking an in-person course soon? Don't miss out on these great options - the registration deadlines are quickly approaching!



Register by 9/30

Authenticity in the Classroom - Children's Arts Guild

When educators develop a culture of authenticity in their classroom, they promote equity and help students build emotional competence, confidence, and social skills that allow them to thrive both academically and socially.


Register by 10/2

Experiential Education: Using Parks As Outdoor Classrooms - City Parks Foundation

Focusing on forest ecology in the fall course, the training will equip teachers to plan and implement safe and effective outdoor lessons that provide students with hands-on experiences relative to their in-class curriculum.

Register by 10/4

Japan Goes Global: History and Impact of International Exchange – Japan Society

Educators are invited to participate in this 5 session interactive and collaborative program design to equip teachers with an overview of Japanese history in the context of global history.


Learning Through the Visual and Performing Arts for All – Inspiring Learners Through Art

Inspired by works of art in the Brooklyn Museum, teachers will develop standards based lesson plans that use visual and performing arts to promote learning in the classroom and museum.


Register by 10/5

Integrating Nature and Science into Early Childhood Education – Wildlife Conservation Society

With time outdoors and in, this course takes a hands-on approach to support early childhood educators in weaving more science and nature into their classrooms and learning centers.