Spice it up with a fall self-paced course

  • : ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov
  • : 05 Nov 2018

The clocks have fallen back but you're not out of time to register for an ASPDP course! Don't wait - registration for online self-paced courses closes on November 13.


 spice it up with over 165 course options that allow you to learn at a flexible pace - anytime, anywhere. Explore new strategies for your curriculum and instruction and a variety of topics that are relevant to your classroom and students. Check out a few of these courses that you can register for today:


  • Creating Student Innovators with Teach N' Kids Learn - Learn how to create curriculum that fosters innovation and entrepreneurialism in students through the use of design thinking, linked learning, the art of making in a maker space, and project-based learning.
  • Introduction to Writing Workshop with Heinemann - Explore Writing Workshop, the highly effective and flexible framework pioneered by Don Graves, which will help you guide your students to reaching their full potential as writers.
  • Transforming the ENL Classroom with Technology with Educational Technology Integration Training - Teachers will learn how to make full use of a wide variety of tools and websites to extend the reach of the ENL classroom so that students can get meaningful content and practice at home.
  • Understanding and Combating Students' Math Anxiety with CE Credits - Get equipped with evidence-based psychological strategies that can be implemented immediately to reduce the negative impact of math anxiety on students and foster a safe learning environment to engage your students.


We can't wait to see you in class!


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