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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment and Eligibility

The After School Professional Development Program (ASPDP) offers NYC educators in-service courses which may be credited toward salary differential and towards the New York State (NYS) 100 hours of Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) requirement. All courses are aligned with the Danielson Framework for Teaching and the NYC DOE’s Equity for All priority.

All educators may take ASPDP courses to further their own knowledge and develop their instructional practices. You may receive P-credit towards your salary differential requirements if you are:

  • A full-time NYC DOE teacher
  • A guidance counselor (only applies to Guidance or Special Education courses)
You may also receive Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credit if you are:
  • A full-time NYC DOE teacher
  • A guidance counselor
  • A paraprofessional
  • A New York State private or parochial school teacher
  • A New York State charter school teacher
You can find more information about the CTLE requirements and certification at the following sites:

NYSED Resources on New Registration and CTLE Requirements

NYSUT Teacher Registration Regulations Fact Sheet

If you have any further questions regarding CTLE requirements please contact the New York State Education Department (NYSED) at or call 518-474-3901.

If you have questions about certification that are unrelated to P-credit or CTLE credit, please contact the Office of Certification via HR Connect at 718-935-4000.

You may register for an ASPDP account here. This page can be accessed via the ASPDP homepage – – as well. If you experience issues in creating an account, please email

There are a few reasons you may be having trouble creating an account. Check first that you are entering your correct file number. Your file number is 7 digits and begins with a 0 or 2. If you do not know your file number, you may ask your school’s payroll secretary for this information. Please be sure you are also entering your name as it appears on your paystub without any hyphens; use a single space between hyphenated names.

Please note that if you are a retired DOE employee or have resigned from the NYC DOE, you will be unable to create a new ASPDP account with your old DOE file number. To create an ASPDP account as a retired DOE employee, please sign up as a non-DOE employee.

An ASPDP participant account may be disabled for a few reasons. If you have retired or resigned from the DOE, your account may be disabled; please contact for support. Former/retired DOE employees may only reactivate their accounts to register for classes for 24-hour periods, and ASPDP must approve each reactivation period.

If you have violated ASPDP policies such as plagiarism then your account may have been disabled; please see our Participant Policies for more details.

Yes. By clicking on the course code in the course catalog, you can view the course details page for each class, which includes a description of the course, dates and times offered, instructor's contact information, and payment instructions, along with a downloadable syllabus for the class.

From the course catalog page you can search for courses by different criteria using the dropdown menus at the top of the search screen. You can view specific courses categorized by Education Partner, category, components of the Danielson Framework, grade level, course type (online, in-person, or blended), registration status, or number of credits. Using the Course Name search bar, you can search for a specific course by its title.

ASPDP offers both online and in-person classroom courses, as well as a limited number of blended classes, which combine both online and in-person sessions. To determine if a course is held online or in person, look under the location section of the course details page. You can also search for courses by location by selecting Online, In Person, or Blended from the Course Type drop down menu of the online catalog.

Course length may vary; 3 credit courses are designed to include at least 45 hours of instruction, while 2 credit courses include approximately 30 hours and 1 credit courses include approximately 15 hours. Fall and spring courses may last up to 16 weeks; summer courses generally last one to seven weeks. Please review the course start and end dates in the syllabus before registering. Note that some online courses are “self-paced” and run the length of the full semester, meaning that you may complete the course at any point within that semester’s time window.

To enroll in a course, participants must first log into their ASPDP account. Once you have successfully logged in, please click on the Course Registration button on the home screen. This will take you to the course catalog where you can search for courses by Education Partner, course name, category, Danielson components, grade level, or number of credits. Enter the relevant information into any of the search boxes and click the “Search” button, which will show you a selection of courses. Click “Add to Course Cart” for any desired courses. You can also add a course to your cart directly from individual courses’ course details pages.

You may then continue to search for courses, or check out and pay by clicking “View Course Cart” (located in the top right corner of the screen).

Participants experiencing difficulties registering for a specific course are advised to contact the ASPDP office at 718-935-5753. Note that if you are trying to register for the class after the registration deadline, or if you are trying to register for more than 12 credits in a given semester, the website will not permit you to complete your registration.

Please note that you must also complete registration with the Education Partner and pay any additional Education Partner fees. Education Partner payment instructions are located on the ASPDP course details page.

Participants may enroll in 12 credits per semester. Courses may be offered for 1, 2, or 3 credits depending on the number of hours of instruction, so please check carefully to ensure your desired course load does not exceed the 12 credit maximum.

Registration dates vary depending on the class; we recommend that you review the “Course Details” of the classes you are interested in. Typically, registration closes the day before the first day of an in-person or guided online class. For self-paced online classes that run the full semester, registration closes about halfway through the semester. We encourage participants to sign up as early as possible for classes in which they are interested.

If a course is marked as “Closed,” this indicates either that the registration deadline has passed or that the course has already reached maximum enrollment.

You can find instructors’ names and contact information in the “Course Details” page when you click on a specific course code in the online course catalog.

Clicking on the Education Partner name next to a course in the course catalog will take you to the Education Partner page for the course provider. On the Education Partner page you will find the name and contact information for the Education Partner administrator, a link to the website, a description of the Education Partner, and the current or past courses offered by the Education Partner.

Your instructor should submit your grade within two weeks of the end of the semester. Once your grades have been submitted, the ASPDP team may take up to 8 weeks to verify and finalize your credits. We will email you once your grade is ready to view on your ASPDP profile. Click the “Print Transcript” button to view your complete transcript with grades and credit validation status.

Grades will be listed as either Pass, Fail or Never Attended. To download a printable copy of your complete transcript with grades and credit validation status, click the “Print Transcript” button at the top right corner of your My Courses page.

Note that the timing of your grade validation will not impact your eligibility for salary differential, since the differential is applied retroactively, as long as you submit your salary differential application by the deadline for that semester. For more information, please see "These are my last credits before I file for my salary differential. What are the deadlines for filing?"

Yes, but you must re-enroll and pay the course fees again.

Course Payments, Refunds, and Transfers

Most ASPDP courses are offered through Education Partners. ASPDP charges a fee depending on the number of credits of the individual course. This fee ranges from $45 for a 1-credit course to $125 for 3-credit courses offered through Education Partners. Additionally, the Education Partner typically charges a fee ranging from $0-425.

If a course is offered through a DOE instructor, the ASPDP course fee is $225 for a three-credit class and with no additional Education Partner fee. For some courses, there may be additional materials fees of up to $50. Please read the course payment details section of the course carefully prior to registering.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex cards on the ASPDP website For information about how to pay the Education Partner fee, please check the course details section on the ASPDP website. Depending on the partner, you will likely need to access a second website to complete the payment or mail a money order. Your registration will not be complete until you have registered both with ASPDP and with the Education Partner.

Please see the chart below for more information on course fees:

Number of Credits for Class ASPDP Fee for Classes Taught by NYC DOE Instructor (no separate Education Partner fee) ASPDP Fee for Classes Taught by Non-DOE Education Partner (Education Partner may charge separate fee)
1 credit $75 $45 (+ Education Partner fee)
2 credits $150 $90 (+ Education Partner fee)
3 credits $225 $125(+ Education Partner fee)

You will receive a confirmation email is sent after the payment is made. Your payment will also be displayed on your credit card's monthly payment under "Volunteer After School Program" or "After School Prof Dev Pg".

If you are interested in obtaining a receipt for your payment to the Education Partner, please contact the partner directly.

No, if you do not register with ASPDP then you will not receive P or A+ credit towards your salary differential.

Please read the course details and payment information carefully for any courses you wish to take. Each participant is responsible for using the registration link posted in the ASPDP catalog to register for ASPDP-approved courses. If participants register for non-ASPDP approved courses with the education partner, ASPDP cannot provide a refund and participants will not receive P/A+ credit for completing a non-ASPDP approved course. We strongly recommend that you confirm that the courses you have selected are eligible for NYCDOE P/A+ credit before completing registration with the education provider.

You must complete your registration with both ASPDP and the Education Partner prior to the registration deadline to receive P or A+ credits.

Most ASPDP courses are offered through Education Partners such as nonprofit organizations and cultural institutions. These partners charge a fee in addition to the ASPDP fee in order to pay their instructors, develop their course content, etc. You can find information about all fees and instructions on how to complete payment on the course details page. For more information about course fees, please see “What are the fees for ASPDP courses and how do I pay them?”

If you have already paid the Education Partner fee or there is no Education Partner fee listed in the course details, then your course registration is complete once your ASPDP fee is paid.

You will receive a link to the Education Partner website registration on the transaction confirmation page after you complete your ASPDP payment. Additionally, you can find information on all payment instructions on the course details page; click on the hyperlinked course code in the catalog to reach the course details page for each ASPDP class. If instructions for how to pay the Education Partner fee are not provided on the course details page, please contact your course instructor for further information.

Note that some courses do not charge additional Education Partner fees, such as courses led by DOE offices or instructors.

You should contact the Education Partner administrator for your course for confirmation of your Education Partner payments. You can find the Education Partner administrator contact information in the course details or on the Education Partner profile page (click the hyperlinked Education Partner name in the ASPDP course catalog listing).

Yes, but only if you request the transfer at least one week prior to the registration deadline of the original course. Course transfers must take place within the same semester, and the desired course must still have open registration. If you are eligible for and would like to request a course transfer within this time window, please email with the following information:

  • Full name
  • File number
  • Enrolled course name and code
  • Transfer course name and code (remember that it must be an open course within the same semester)
  • Date of credit card transaction
  • Amount of the payment
  • First four digits and last four digits of your credit card

If you make a transfer request after this grace period, ASPDP will not be able to complete your course transfer.

If you would like to withdraw from the class and are no longer eligible for a refund or fee transfer, you may submit a withdrawal request on or prior to the last day of the class. Please see “May I withdraw from a class and receive a refund?” for more information on withdrawal policies.

Refunds will only be issued if you withdraw at least one week before the registration deadline of the course. All registration deadlines are listed on the course details page for the class; note that the registration deadline is not the same as the start or end date of the class. Please see “When does the registration window close for classes?”

To withdraw from a course, please log in to the ASPDP website and click on “My Courses.” A “withdraw” button will be next to each course for the current semester. Click on the button to withdraw. Please note that withdrawals are only granted if submitted on or prior to the last day of the class. If you request to withdraw after the last day of the class, your request cannot be granted.

If you attempt to withdraw from a course after this grace period, no refund will be provided.

You should make refund requests in writing to and copy the Education Partner where applicable. Participants are also responsible for emailing the instructor when withdrawing from a course. You must send a written request for a refund to and include your full name, file number, course name and code, date of credit card transaction, amount of the payment, and the first four digits and last four digits of your credit card.

ASPDP can only grant refunds of the ASPDP fee. We cannot guarantee that the Education Partner will refund their fees; please check the Education Partner’s registration and fee policies before registering for a course.

Generally, if approved, ASPDP fee refunds are processed 7 – 10 business days after you submit all required information. As noted above, this required information includes your full name, file number, course name and code, date of credit card transaction, amount of the payment, and the first four digits and last four digits of your credit card. As a reminder, you must submit refund requests at least one week before the registration deadline of the course.

If your course is cancelled, you will receive an email from giving you the option either to transfer your ASPDP course fee to another ASPDP class in that same semester or to receive a refund for the course fee.

For information on weather and emergency announcements, call the New York City 311 Information Line, check the NYC Public Schools Twitter or Facebook page, and/or go to the New York City Department of Education website home page for course cancellations announced by the Chancellor.

    An in-person course session is cancelled due to weather conditions only if:
  • Your school/district/BFS office receives notification that after-school activities have been suspended as per a central Department of Education directive.

In the event of either occurrence, you will not be marked absent for a course cancellation announced by the Department of Education, however you will still be expected to complete any course assignments necessary.

Participants, in consultation with their instructor, are responsible for making up the time and content missed from the cancelled session, including by attending an additional session. Make-up sessions vary, so we recommend that you contact the instructor or Education Partner for this information. Participants who are not present for the make-up session will be marked absent.

Passwords and Technical Issues

Yes. If you would like to change your password, hover over your name in the top right corner of the page and select “Change Password” from the drop down menu. You will then be prompted to change your password by entering your current password and creating a new password.

If you experience any difficulty changing your password, please email or call 718-935-5753 for assistance. If you have forgotten your password, please see “What should I do if I forget my user ID and/or password?”

Most participants use their file numbers as their user ID. Your file number is 7 digits, beginning with a leading 0 or 2. If you do not know your file number, you may ask the payroll secretary in your school for this information.

Participants who do not have file numbers use the first initial of their first name and their full last name (in all lower-case letters) as their user ID. For example, if your name is Jane Doe, your username would be JDoe.

If your password is lost, forgotten, or becomes invalid, you may change the password by clicking on "Forgot Password/Problems Logging in?" from the main home page and filling in your User ID, the email address in your profile, and last name. You will receive a new temporary password at the email address on your profile within 24 hours; be sure to check your spam/junk folder if you do not see the message within 24 hours. Please follow the email instructions to change your password after you log in successfully. If you are still having trouble resetting your password after using the Forgot Password function, please email us at

To update your ASPDP account information, hover over your name in the top right corner of the page and select “My Account” from the drop down menu. To update your email address, address, or phone number, enter the new information and press “Save”. If you experience any difficulty, please email with your current file number/user ID and the information that you wish to change.

If you need to make a change to your name, please email with your current file number/user ID and the information that you wish to change and we will assist with updating your profile.

Participants are responsible for ensuring they have the necessary hardware/software needed to complete the course prior to registration. We encourage you to check the Education Partner’s website for hardware/software requirements.

We cannot issue refunds for hardware/software issues. If you experience any other difficulties with technology components as part of your class, please contact the instructor directly.

Transcripts, Certificates, and Salary Differential

You can print official transcripts for ASPDP courses directly from the ASPDP website. To print your transcript, please log in to the ASPDP website and click on “My Courses” on the homepage. On the top right of the screen, you will see a button that says “Print Transcripts”. Once you click on this button, a second screen will appear with an Internet Explorer Security warning. After you click “Allow,” your transcript will display in Adobe Acrobat program form.

If you are experiencing issues on the website, we recommend that you download a free version of Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for the best browser compatibility; you will also need Adobe Reader to view posted documents.

Please note that we only maintain records for courses completed in Summer 2008 and beyond. For us to locate a course file prior to that, please provide your name, file number, the exact course title, course code semester, and the year you took the course.

You must file your salary differential via the employee payroll portal. Please consult the chart below for deadlines for filing the salary differential application.

Semester of 30+ Completion File By Differential Retroactive From
Fall July 30 February 1
Summer February 28 September 1
Spring December 30 July 1

If you have additional questions about the salary differential process, you may contact the Office of Salary Services at (718) 935-2643.

You may use a course just once toward your salary differential. It does not matter if it is applied toward the first, intermediate or second differential.

ASPDP courses cannot be applied to license certification. For questions regarding license certification, please contact the Office of Certification at (718) 935-4842.

ASPDP no longer issues certificates for completing a course. However, you may print a certificate or transcript directly from the ASPDP website using the directions in this document. See “How can I find a transcript of my "P" in-service courses?"

For courses taken prior to Summer 2008, you may request a replacement certificate in writing by sending your full name, file number, phone number, and current address, along with the course name, code number, and the semester you completed the course. Each replacement certificate is $5.00 payable by money order to "ASPDP." If you wish to pick up a certificate you need to make an appointment by emailing or calling 718-935-5753.

Your request and money order should be mailed to:

After School Professional Development Program, attn. Replacement Certificates
65 Court Street, Room 224
Brooklyn, NY 11201

NYSED CTLE Requirements

Yes, ASPDP is an approved Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) sponsor with the New York State Education Department (NYSED). Holders of professional classroom teaching certificates, educational leadership certificates, and Level III teaching assistant certificates may use ASPDP courses towards the 100 hours of CTLE requirements.

If you take a course through ASPDP then you may apply it to the CTLE requirements. You should ensure that the courses you select will support your classroom practice in the certificate title that you hold.

Only ASPDP courses taken after July 1, 2016 (Summer 2016 semester and later) can be counted towards the CTLE requirements. Courses taken prior to Summer 2016 may still be used towards the salary differential requirements.

For more information on the CTLE requirements, please refer to the NYSED Resources on New Registration and CTLE Requirements or contact the NYSED at or 518-474-3901.

The total number of CTLE hours varies by the number of P-credits earned through the course. Each credit from ASPDP equates to 12 CTLE clock hours. Therefore, a 1-credit course will earn 12 hours, a 2-credit course will earn 24 hours, and a 3-credit course will earn 36 hours. Course hours and credit information can be found on the course details page for the course or on your ASPDP transcript after registering for the course.

Any ASPDP course taken during or after the Summer 2016 semester can be counted towards the CTLE requirements. Courses taken prior to Summer 2016 cannot be used towards the CTLE requirements but may be used towards the salary differential requirements.

Yes. Any course registered for P-credit with ASPDP can be applied both to the NYC DOE salary differential requirements and the NYSED 100 hours of CTLE requirements.

For more information about the salary differential application, please contact the Office of Salary Services at 718-935-2643. For more information on the CTLE requirements, please refer to the NYSED Resources on New Registration and CTLE Requirements or contact the NYSED at or 518-474-3901.

Yes. ASPDP offers multiple courses that meet the CTLE language acquisition requirements, as specified by the New York State Education Department, that 15% of the required CTLE clock hours be dedicated to language acquisition addressing the needs of English language learners, or 50% for those holding professional certification in the certificate title of English to speakers of other languages (all grades) or a holder of a bilingual extension.

To browse ASPDP courses that meet the CTLE language acquisition requirements, filter by selecting “English Language Learners” from the Category dropdown menu in our online course catalog .

For more information on the CTLE requirements, please refer to the NYSED Resources on New Registration and CTLE Requirements or contact the NYSED at or 518-474-3901.

If the Education Partner is an approved CTLE sponsor, yyou may choose to register for the course solely through the Education Partner to count the hours towards the CTLE requirements. Note that this only applies to the CTLE requirements. You must register with ASPDP for P-credit to use the credits toward the salary differential requirements.

If the Education Partner is not an approved CTLE sponsor, you must register with ASPDP and the Education Partner for P-credit to be counted towards the CTLE requirements.

Your ASPDP transcript will serve as your record of your completed CTLE hours through ASPDP. You can access and print your ASPDP transcript on the “My Courses” page of the ASPDP website. ASPDP transcripts are CTLE compliant as of Fall 2017. Please contact if you need a record of completed CTLE hours before this time.

As per the NYSED, certificate holders must attest to the completion of the 100 hours. You must also be responsible for retaining records of completed CTLE, and must provide documentation if requested showing that you have complied with the CTLE requirement.

For more information on the CTLE requirements, please refer to the NYSED Resources on New Registration and CTLE Requirements or contact the NYSED at or 518-474-3901.

A+ Credits

A+ is a new credit designation created in partnership between the DOE and the UFT. All ASPDP courses offered for the 2019-2020 school year (starting in Fall 2019) will be accepted as both A+ and P credit courses.

No, courses taken before Fall 2019 are not counted towards the A+ requirements.

If you are a teacher hired on or after September 1, 2019 then you must obtain a minimum of 18 A+ credits in order to earn your salary differential, unless you have already attained an additional Doctorate, or an additional Master’s in an approved related area as determined by the Joint Accreditation Committee (JAC).

If you are a teacher hired on or after September 1, 2017 but before September 1, 2019, then you must obtain a minimum of 6 A+ credits, unless you have already earned your salary differential before September 1, 2019.

There is a six month application window for teachers hired between September 1, 2017 and September 1, 2019 and who have completed their 30 credits above a masters by September 1, 2019, but who have not yet finalized the application process for their differential. This window will close February 1, 2020

If you are a teacher hired before September 1, 2017, then you are not required to use A+ credits to obtain your salary differential. If you choose to submit A+ credits towards your salary differential, you must obtain a minimum of 6 A+ credits.

No, for the 2019-2020 year you will not have to specify on your salary differential application if your ASPDP course should be counted as A+ or P credit. It will be counted as both.

Education Partners and Instructors

Education Partners may either be external organizations (e.g. non-profits, cultural institutions) or internal, full-time NYC DOE instructors.

To offer a course with ASPDP, you must submit a course proposal application for each course that you wish to teach during one of our two submission periods (for Fall or Spring/Summer). Once we review your proposal(s), we will share feedback and let you know whether your proposal has been accepted, rejected, or whether we have requested revisions in order to reconsider the application.

Please email us at to receive information about our upcoming course proposal deadlines, a course proposal application (including the syllabus template), and instructions on how to submit the application through Surveymonkey Apply .

Only active, full-time NYC DOE employees in pedagogical titles are eligible to teach as NYC DOE instructors and receive a DOE stipend, and they may not be affiliated with an external Education Partner. NYC DOE instructors may not charge additional participant fees beyond those for materials, for which there is a $50 maximum.

External Education Partners may set their own registration fees in addition to the required ASPDP fees. Participants pay the Education Partner fees directly to the Education Partner. For more information on participant fees, see “What are the fees for ASPDP courses and how do I pay them?” For more information on DOE stipends for eligible NYC DOE instructors, see the Education Partner and Instructor Guidelines.

For each application, you will be asked to include a syllabus formatted in ASPDP’s current syllabus template and course profile information through our Surveymonkey Apply system. New Education Partners are also asked to submit instructor resumes and letters of recommendation.

Application materials can be found on our website once logged in as an instructor or Education Partner administrator, under the “Education Partner Documents” or “Instructor Documents” in the Resources drop down menu. Please be sure to use the most up-to-date application materials when submitting your proposal.

Education Partners may create their own Surveymonkey Apply accounts for submitting ASPDP proposal applications. Please go to and click “Sign Up”. Education Partners who have previously submitted courses will find their names under a drop down list; first-time partners may select “New” as their Education Partner name.

If you experience issues creating or logging into your ASPDP Surveymonkey Apply account, please contact us at for assistance.

Proposal submission dates are in July (for the Fall semester) and October (for the Spring and Summer semesters). Please email use to request specific deadlines for the next upcoming semester.

Yes. Please utilize the following naming conventions for all documents. These will help us process and review your applications in a timelier manner. We may ask you to re-submit documents if they do not follow the guidelines below:

  • Each document title should be structured as follows: “TypeofDocument_ClassTitle_SemesterYear.” For example, the syllabus for a course that is titled “Common Core in ELA: Instructional Shifts for Effective Implementation, Grades 6-8” could be abbreviated “Syllabus_CCELA6-8_Spr2018”.
  • Use abbreviations to keep file names shorter. Do not exceed 40 characters in file names, including spaces.
  • All documents should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc). Please do not submit documents as PDFs.

Even for courses that have previously been approved and/or offered, Education Partners are still required to submit an updated syllabus with new course dates and any other changes highlighted prior to the proposal deadline for the semester in which they wish to repeat the class. ASPDP reserves the right to request revisions or reject a course even for a course that has previously been offered based the outcomes of course observations, participant feedback, enrollment data, and other key metrics.

While there is no enrollment minimum for ASPDP courses taught by Education Partners (non-DOE instructors), we recommend a course enrollment minimum of at least five (5) participants to foster collaboration and peer feedback.

2For courses taught by active, full-time NYC DOE pedagogical employees, the course enrollment minimum is eighteen (18) participants; ASPDP pays these instructors directly for teaching the class and they do not charge an additional Education Partner fee. Please see the Education Partner and Instructor Guidelines for more information about policies for NYC DOE instructors. Be sure to reach out to ASPDP before submitting your proposal application if you have questions about your eligibility.

Instructors may view class enrollment by logging into their ASPDP accounts and clicking the Reports button on the homepage or selecting Participant Report from the “Reports” drop down menu at the top of the page. This report will take you to the ASPDP Participant Report Screen, where you can select the semester and the course for which you would like to see enrollment. Once you have selected the course, press the “Generate Report” button to view a list of enrolled students.

Please be sure to check your participant enrollment report via the ASPDP website to ensure that participants who are enrolled in your P/A+ credit approved courses have registered correctly with both you and ASPDP so that they can receive course credit.

In-person courses and online courses that do not run for the full semester have registration deadlines set the day before the course starts, unless otherwise requested by the Education Partner. The deadline for self-paced online courses that run for the full semester have registration deadlines set midway through the semester in order to give participants sufficient time to register for the class and complete course requirements.

If you would like to request a change to your registration deadline, please contact us before the semester begins.

If you wish to cancel your course, please contact the ASPDP team before sending notice to the participants. When classes are cancelled, ASPDP offers participants the option of receiving a refund or transferring their fee to another class in that same semester. Education Partners are asked to honor participants’ requests for refunds or transfers due to course cancellations.

Instructors must report final grades online two weeks after the final day of instruction, however we encourage instructors to submit grades as soon as possible so that we may validate grades for credit in a timely fashion. Instructors are required to keep copies of the grades for seven (7) years after the completion of the course.

To submit grades, instructors should log in to the ASPDP website and click the “Course Participants” button on the homepage.

To update the grade, click the box in the “Grade” column for the participant, select the appropriate grade from the drop down menu, and then press “Save” at the bottom of the screen. A “Confirm Save” pop up box will appear; press “Yes” to save the changes. Once you’re ready to submit grades (all grades updated and CTLE records are uploaded) hit submit; note that once submitted, grades can only be changed by ASPDP administrators.

ASPDP Education Partners are encouraged to join our online WeTeachNYC communityfor access to more resources and opportunities for discussion between Education Partners and the ASPDP team. Please email the ASPDP team at to set up your account.

For more information, please contact our office:

After School Professional Development Program
65 Court Street, Room 224, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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