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P222-0101.1S18 - Bridging the Gap Between Creative and Essay Writing in ELA

Course Details
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This course is designed to provide participants with the best practices to integrate essay writing and creative writing into classroom curriculum. This focus will help  their students discover essay writing as an exciting, engaging activity that requires creative thinking and clear, original expression. This course tackles how to build a student's self-confidence and voice throughout the entire ELA curriculum. The course covers topics that will help participants connect simultaneously to themselves as writers and to their students as fellow writers. It teaches writing games specific to both creative and essay writing and covers the ways these two forms of writing interconnect and complement one another.  Particular emphasis is placed on writing games designed specifically to bring joy and critical thinking into essay writing curriculum. Participants partake in these games themselves to learn first-hand the application of these games to student learning. Participants will have the opportunity to create a lesson plan that integrates the two genres of writing. The course will ultimately leave participants with insights and lesson plans that can be directly brought into their broader curriculum.  Teaching methods include writing exercises, lectures, critical readings, classroom discussion, feedback, sharing, and writing assignments. All written work will be done on Google Docs. Participants will be provided with a laptop onsite upon request.

Status: Closed for Registration Registration Deadline: 04/09/2018 Start Date: 04/10/2018 End Date: 05/29/2018
Location: 486 Amsterdam Ave #1 , New York, NY, 10024 CTLE Hours: 12 No. of Credits: 1 Categories: English Language Arts
Restricted: No CTLE Area: Content Grades: 6,7,8
Danielson Components 1e : Designing Coherent Instruction
3b : Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
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