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P220-0147.1S18 - Education for All: A Teacher's Guide to Differentiation

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This course is suitable for all teachers.  The aim of this course is to better equip teachers in  the most up to date strategies in order to support all students, particularly students who struggle in school. The course is divided into five modules; 1- Introduction to Multiple Intelligences and Special Education, 2- Humanities, 3 STEM, 4- Executive Functioning, 5- Formal Plans. Module 1 provides for an overview of the course along with introductory information about special education, including the 13 categories that make up special education.  This module is intended to lay the groundwork for the rest of the course by exploring the categories of special education, the purpose of response to intervention and the idea of multiple intelligences.  In module 2 we will discuss three skills that students struggle with in regards to reading and writing; reading comprehension, identifying information and analyzing information.  We will also discuss a variety of strategies that can be used to in order to target and support students that struggle with each skill, and use those strategies to create a sample lesson.  This module also incorporates outside articles and a video example of a lesson in action so participants can think of ways they can modify a lesson to support all learners.  Module 3 also identifies specific struggles a student might have, however, this module focuses on the STEM classes.  The skills that most students struggle with in STEM are conceptualizing and retaining information.  In this module we provide specific examples for both science and math classes in order to target those skills and support students.  We will also create a lesson using the strategies covered in order to understand how they can be used and implemented in the classroom.  Although the strategies in the 2nd and 3rd modules are demonstrated with a humanities/STEM focus, they can be used in all classes.  Module 4 focuses on executive functioning.  Executive functioning is a set of cognitive processes including the working memory, cognitive functioning and self-regulating skills. In this module we will discuss struggles students have with each skill along with strategies to support them.  Several students struggle with executive functioning skills, regardless of whether or not they have a disability.  Therefore, teachers can use the strategies learned to support all of their students, not just those who have an IEP or 504.  In the fifth and final module, we will discuss the individualized education plan (IEP), Response to Intervention (RTI) and the 504 process.  The IEP is a legal document that all students with a disability are required to have.  In this module we will discuss the legal aspects of the IEP, the main components and create a sample IEP.  We will also discuss the process of RTI and when it should be used, along with the 504 process and why some students might have a 504 verse an IEP. Although most of this course is delivered in video format, there are also a variety of articles that the participants will have to read in order to supplement and support the content for each module.

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Danielson Components 1e : Designing Coherent Instruction
3c : Engaging Students in Learning
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