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P01.093.1S17 - Formative Assessment in Mathematics

Course Details
Course Description: The focus of the course will be on supporting teachers in understanding and enacting an instructional routine called Connecting Representations, which supports students with the Common Core Standard of Mathematical Practice SMP 7: Look for and make use of structure (

Participants will also learn how this instructional routine connects to 5 formative assessment practices as defined in Dylan Wiliam’s book, Embedded Formative Assessment. During the initial session participants will be introduced to an instructional routine. In the subsequent 5 weeks of the blended portion of the course, participants will use the 5 formative assessment practices to plan their enactments of the routine, each week reflecting on the impact of the focus practice on their classroom practice.

Participating teachers will have the opportunity to rehearse this instructional activity within the context of the functions strand across grades 6 through 12.

Status: Closed for Registration Registration Deadline: 04/21/2017 Start Date: 04/22/2017 End Date: 05/20/2017
Location: 205 East 42nd Street, 4th floor , New York, NY, 10017 Prof. Dev. Hours: 12 No. of P-Credits: 1 Categories: Mathematics
Restricted: No CTLE Area: Content Grades: 6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Danielson Components 1b : Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
3d : Using Assessment in Instruction
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