today’s reminder to take care of yourself

  • : ASPDP
  • : 26 May 2022

It’s finally starting to feel warm outside! We’re looking ahead to summer, and hoping to be able to take some more time to take care of ourselves. 


We know you’ve worked on fostering social-emotional development with your students… what does it look like to prioritize that in yourself? To tune in to your emotional responses and what your body is telling you that it needs? 


Our summer course catalog launches Tuesday, May 31, and we’re excited to offer a number of classes that focus on teacher self-care this year: 


Remember that you can count these courses and any other ASPDP courses for A+ or P credit toward your +30 salary differential as well as CTLE hours toward maintaining your certification, as long as you submit the registration fee by the deadline with ASPDP and with the partner organization. 


As appreciation for all that you do, we’re extending our 25% discount off the ASPDP fee for all courses: just enter SUMMERJOY22 when you’re ready to check out. This discount code is valid through September 2 and can’t be applied retroactively, so please make sure you’re ready when you submit your registration. 


If part of taking care of yourself means granting yourself the flexibility to work (or not work!) at the times you prefer, know that most of our courses can be completed asynchronously at a time and location that is convenient for you… and if you are someone who thrives with in-person interactions, try using the “Course Type” filter in our catalog to look for summer opportunities to connect with colleagues.  


And, if you’ve finished taking your spring courses (congratulations!), make sure to log in to your participant profile to complete your course survey and access your grades. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback! 


We’re grateful for all that you do, and hope that you are able to feel and share some love and appreciation from the students and families you support too. If you have any questions or ideas for us, please let us know. 



Save these dates...

 May 27 – Last day of spring semester

• May 31 – Summer catalog launches

• June 13 – Summer semester begins (rolling dates, depends on class)

• August 1 – Online registration deadline for full-semester summer courses

• September 2 – Last day of summer semester

• September 12 – Fall 2022 catalog opens for registration

• September 19 – First day of fall semester