Spring courses launch 1/24!

  • : ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov
  • : 21 Jan 2022

We’re excited to share that our spring catalog will officially go live on Monday, January 24, when you’ll be invited to explore nearly 200 courses across all content areas and grade levels. You can earn A+ or P credit toward your salary differential as well as CTLE hours toward maintaining your certification, as long as you register both with ASPDP and with the partner organization by the registration deadline for that course.


You can use discount code SPRINGSUNSHINE22 to receive 25% off your ASPDP fee, valid through May 27, 2022. Remember that the discount code cannot be applied retroactively, so be sure to enter the code before you process your transaction.


The semester begins on February 7 and many courses give you several months to complete your coursework, so we recommend registering early to have as much time as possible! Be sure to check individual course listings in the catalog for start dates and course requirements. For more information including guidelines for attendance, salary differential, etc., please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Participant Policies, accessible under “Resources” on our website: http://schools.nyc.gov/teachers/aspdp.


If you took a course with us in the fall semester (welcome back!): please make sure to submit your course survey! You’ll have three weeks after the last day of the course. You might notice some new questions this semester asking about how you felt during the course, and how your beliefs about pedagogy, curriculum, instruction, and/or students shifted as a result of the course. We added these questions as part of our commitment to creating culturally responsive and sustaining learning environments for students. We’re also seeking your advice on how we should share information about ASPDP with more potential participants – all ideas welcome!


We're excited to see you in class :)