Logo Design Contest

  • : ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov
  • : 10 Sep 2021

Have you been feeling your creative energy flowing as the temperatures rise? ASPDP is excited to announce our first-ever logo design competition! We’re updating our logo to reflect how we’ve grown as a program, and we’d love your feedback on how we can best represent ourselves. We are looking for fresh ideas and as always thought about YOU... who could be better to brainstorm something cool and exciting that invites other colleagues to join the party?!   


Submissions are due by Thursday, September 30, and you can email ASPDP@schools.nyc.gov using the subject line “LOGO CONTEST”. If we pick a version of your design, you’ll win a semester of free ASPDP courses: we’ll waive the ASPDP fee for up to 12 credits of coursework, value totaling $500.* (Note that this does not include the registration fee for the partner organization.)


A few tips below:  

·     We’d like our logo to visually represent our vision and mission:  

·     Vision: We reimagine professional learning in service of educational equity by empowering partners to create critically conscious professional learning experiences that equip educators to confront race, power, and privilege and disrupt inequity in order to maximize outcomes for all students, particularly Black, Indigenous, and Students of Color. 

·     Mission: ASPDP fosters educational equity by offering rigorous professional learning that develops and deepens educators’ culturally responsive and sustaining teaching practices and beliefs. 

·     We’re hoping our logo will feel inspiring and invitational, and that educators will come to associate it with learning, relearning, reimagining, and a deep commitment to equity.  

·     You can view our current logo at the top of this message (“Learn, Grow, Impact, Earn” with different icons).  

·     We’re open to using a single image or multiple images in the redesign – feel free to play with either, and colors of your choice!  

·     While all of these phrases are still relevant, we didn’t think they fully captured the work our educators are trying to do to change hearts and minds and design liberatory learning environments for students in NYC.  

·     Educators and partner organizations are our target audience. The logo will primarily be used online but will be used in print materials as well.  


We know that you design every day, from lesson plans to morning rituals to communications with families... we’re excited to see what you can come up with!  


Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime... we’re happy to share more sample images/ideas that resonated with us, but don’t want to dampen your creativity.  


We look forward to seeing your brilliance! 


*Note that this is only applicable to the ASPDP fee; you will still need to register with the partner organization and pay their fee to earn A+/P credit. All courses must be purchased by December 31, 2022.