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  • : ASPDP
  • : 23 Mar 2021

We have made it to a year from the first cases of COVID-19 detected in New York City, the first time our public schools closed, the first time our city shut down to protect its residents. We have learned so much and lost so much over the last year.   


Over the past year, we know that teachers on the front lines have gone above and beyond to prioritize the well-being of your students and school communities, often leaving little room to prioritize your own well-being; and we know that many teachers and students are struggling with loss, anxiety, and mental and physical health challenges. As our new Chancellor Meisha Porter named in her recent welcome address, it's incredibly important to attend to your well-being so that you can be the best possible teacher for your students and school communities. 


As our Chancellor noted, social and emotional learning is an integral part of our collective work in schools moving forward. In this post, we highlight some key resources to support integrating SEL into your classroom practices, as well as resources to support your own well-being, leading this work in your classrooms each day. 


If you’re interested in exploring these subjects at more length in an ASPDP course, we’ve shared a few suggestions below that can help you develop your understanding of socioemotional learning, understand the impact of trauma on students, practice mindfulness strategies for yourself and your students, and deepen your knowledge around mental health. Most courses close for registration on April 19, so don’t hesitate if you'd like to join 


Socioemotional Learning 

Social Emotional Learning in the K-12 Classroom (Long Island Learning Institute for Educators), registration deadline 3/31 

Authentic Advisories: Building Advisory Communities to Support Students (Children’s Art Guild), registration deadline 4/10 

Mastering Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom (For Teachers By Teachers), registration deadline 4/19 

An Introduction to Social Emotional Learning (Teach n Kids Learn), registration deadline 4/19 

Digging Deeper into Social Emotional Learning (Teach n Kids Learn), registration deadline 4/19 

Emotions and Learning (Advancement Courses), registration deadline 4/19 


Trauma-Informed Care 

Trauma-Informed Education (Cowart Trauma Informed Partnership), registration deadline 3/26 

Supporting Our Students Through Childhood Trauma, Grades K-12 (Teach n Kids Learn), registration deadline 4/19 

Helping Students Overcome Trauma (Advancement Courses), registration deadline 4/19 

The Social Brain: Relationships, Stress, & Optimal Learning (Quikitech), registration deadline 4/19 

Trauma Informed Instruction (Quikitech), registration deadline 4/19 


Wellness and Mindfulness 

Adopting Mindfulness for Today’s Learning Environment (Teach n Kids Learn), registration deadline 4/19 

Mental Health 

Understanding Mental Health and Mental Illness (Customizable Professional Development), registration deadline 4/19 

10 Things to Know about Depression in Children and Adolescents (Creative Teacher Education Institute), registration deadline 4/30 

All About Anxiety in School Age Children (Creative Teacher Education Institute), registration deadline 4/30  



Looking for something else?  


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