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P167-10902.1M21 - CELF Citizen Science: Inquiry to Action

Course Details
Course Description: As environmental health researchers, students (grades 5-12) collect and analyze air quality data in their communities using Plume labs technology. Using this data, students identify sources of air pollution, understand connections to human behaviors, develop prevention and remediation plans for their communities, and share their findings with peers and policy makers. This information be paired with knowledge of environmental law and pathways to civic action. Participants will develop an interdisciplinary Place, Problem, and Project based unit or implementation planner in which EfS standards are aligned to content area standards and NYSSLS. Experts from Mt. Sinai’s Pediatric Environmental Specialty Health Unit and Plume Labs will participate in the course and join the classes to share research, expertise and processes in the fields of environmental health, public health and data analysis.
Status: Closed for Registration Registration Deadline: 07/18/2021 Start Date: 07/19/2021 End Date: 08/13/2021
Location: Blended CTLE Hours: 30 No. of Credits: 2 Categories: Science
Restricted: No CTLE Area: Content Grades: 5,6,7,8,9
Danielson Components 1a : Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
1e : Designing Coherent Instruction
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Education Partner: Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation Contact:
Instructor # 1: Lisa Mechaley Instructor # 2:
ASPDP Fee: $90.00 Education Partner Fee: $75.00 Materials Fee: $0.00 Total Fees: $165.00
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