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P019-10895.1M21 - Props, Costumes and Set Design for Oral Presentations across the Curriculum

Course Details
Course Description: This course is designed to enhance oral presentations in the classroom through the use of project based learning to create props, costumes and set designs made from reusable materials. Through guided art instruction, participants create hands-on art projects that integrate differentiated instruction into various learning modalities and multiple subject areas, providing critical thinking skills to enhancing rigor in the classroom. The sessions are broken down into five days of hands-on art making, problem solving, inquiry, observation, documentation and oral presentation. Sessions include: 1). Retelling Stories-Personal Narratives, Using Hats and Masks as Props 2). Music-The Sound of Science; Literacy & Math in Music; 3). Shadow Puppetry Using Informational Text-People, Places and Things; 4). Costuming/Props/Set Design for Reenactment of Events Fiction/Non Fiction; 5).Studio Art Day/Group Project Work; 6). Group Presentations and Peer Assessment. This course provides both independent and group study. Participants learn to better meet Danielson Components for more deeply engaging students in learning by offering students techniques in how to demonstrate their knowledge through oral presentations as well as work in a group setting. Next Generation ELA standards involving Speaking and Listening are emphasized and their application to Social Studies and other subjects are modeled and practiced. Each morning, participants work individually on project based learning techniques highlighting a specific curriculum topic by making a hands-on art piece. The created pieces are then used for teaching across the curriculum. There will be guided instruction for art making and equal time for writing presentation pieces in response to created art piece, individual and peer assessment, linking each art workshop to literacy, math, science and social studies, modeling how to infuse multiple subject matters into your daily curriculum. Each day participants will be given articles to read and time for reflection pertaining to critical consciousness, creating brave classrooms and unpacking culturally responsive sustaining education practices. Participants will share in group discussion prior knowledge/newly gained information and how these practices can be integrated into their classroom curriculum. Each afternoon participants utilize their prior knowledge, journaling, research and the sharing of best practices to work in groups, creating a group oral presentation designed for a wide scope of learners, for various subject areas, learning styles and ability levels relevant to their own instructional setting. Emphasis will be placed on creating sustainable artwork: that which leaves no negative impact on the environment. Participants will receive a course pack of documents outlining pertinent vocabulary and how-to instructions for the arts techniques learned.
Status: Closed for Registration Registration Deadline: 07/11/2021 Start Date: 07/12/2021 End Date: 07/17/2021
Location: Online CTLE Hours: 45 No. of Credits: 3 Categories: Arts
Restricted: No CTLE Area: Pedagogy Grades: Pre-K,K,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12
Danielson Components 1e : Designing Coherent Instruction
3c : Engaging Students in Learning
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